Victoria Beckham Is All Smiles As She Poses With Hollywood Sign In Another Playful Twitter Photo

This morning we have more evidence to file under ‘Proof That Victoria Beckham Has A Sense Of Humour’. Because the singer-turned-designer has taken to Twitter yet again to show the world that yes, she can smile and no, she is not a total sourpuss. Hurrah!

‘So good to be back in LA, and hiking, who knew? X vb’ tweeted to her gazillion followers along with a snap of her striking a perky pose under the Hollywood sign. And she may be the chicest hiker we ever did see. Pairing a simple black vest top with a pair of shorts, cute sandals and obligatory sunnies, VB looks sportier and more relaxed than ever. We’d be smiling too. But it’s the ginormous grin she’s wearing that is most impressive. It is, as you well know, an uncommon occurence to see Mrs Beckham smiling. Ever since her days as Posh Spice, she’s built up a reputation as pouter extraordinare and we’re pretty sure we can count on one hand the number of times we’ve seen it happen over the past ten years. And that’s a shame because she looks all kinds of pretty when she’s flashing those pearly whites.

So we might not see her cracking a grin on the catwalk, but Victoria has used the joys of social media to prove that she’s a regular jokester. There’s been snaps of her grabbing Eva Longoria’s boobs, cupping her husband’s goldenballs and serving Starbucks to mere mortals. LOLs indeed. And you’ll remember back in May, she poked fun at her pouty persona with a photo of herself that screamed, ‘Look I’m Smiling!’