Kate Moss Needs A Body Double For This Stuart Weitzman Ad Campaign?

These are strange times we’re living in, my dahlings! Not only does the pressure of looking younger with every year keeps on growing alarmingly, but! With every season we see more and more altered ad campaigns for the purpose of illustrating that the fountain of youth does exists (in various apps and image retouching programs).

However, reading that for the upcoming Stuart Weitzman Fall 2013 ad campaign even Kate Moss used a body double is beyond my understanding! The woman is 39 and she’s still looking hotter than most of the women of the world will ever look, and even after being the fashion industry for more than two decades she still gets more covers, pictorials and campaigns than any other model! So even a supermodel needs a body double? How’s that possible? What are we, normal women to do? Hide under our beds and wait for life to pass us by just because we can’t strike a perfect pose every darn time?

Seriously ad people, this is ridiculous! And the images – now that you see them – do you really think they justify using a younger model to stand in for Kate the Great? FIY, the ‘double’ was identified by Stuart Weitzman as being a model: Natalie Morris. She’s just one inch above Kate Moss and this may have been her best week ever, thanks to the paparazzi pictures who photographed her standing in for Kate during the filming of the Stuart Weitzman ad campaign. The photos were taken by Mario Testino while the commercial was directed by Balthazar Klarwein, a former Testino protégé, according to wwd.