Georgia May Jagger Still Gets Insecure About Her Tooth Gap

She’s one of the most in demand British models, her mum is Jerry Hall and her dad a Rolling Stone, but that doesn’t mean Georgia May Jagger doesn’t sometimes get insecure. Especially about her two front teeth – or more specifically the gap between them.

“There have been some interesting debates about my teeth on Instagram,” says Jagger. “When 12-year-olds tell you to go get braces and then someone answers, ‘Don’t tell her what to do’, that’s really sweet. There’s this whole idea of perfection in modeling. It’s good for people to realize everyone is human. I still worry I’m going to look weird as I get older. I’ll be a weird old woman with scary teeth,” she told Net-a-Porter’s magazine, The Edit, this week of her most famous asset.

The model also admitted that although she’s always borrowing her model mum’s vintage fashion pieces, she’s not picked up her beauty habits. “She can get ready in 20 minutes flat,” she says. “It’s the most insane thing I’ve ever seen: a full head of curlers, makeup, everything.” By contrast, Georgia’s not quite as pro. “You should see me with curling irons,” she laughs. “I’m like a five year old.” Still, one thing she has inherited from Hall is how to pull off that striking red lip – perfect for accentuating that anything-but-weird  tooth gap, we say…