The smooth-skin scheme

It happens like clockwork – this time of year, you get dry skin. It’s not just about what you use, it’s about how you use it. So here is the smooth-skin scheme:

Step 1: Banish long, hot showers. Long showers (anything longer than three minutes) dry out your skin (and are environmentally unfriendly too). Hot water is like rubbing salt into a wound. So keep them short and cool.

Step 2: Close the bathroom door and prevent it shut post-shower. Any and all steam will improve keeping your skin moist before you apply lotion. It’s a super easy step that in reality works.

Step 3: Speaking of lotion, apply it as soon as you get out of the shower while your skin is still a little moist. Don’t polish yourself dry with a towel, just quietly pat yourself down and slather on a lotion to help lock and seal in any and every small piece of moisture that’s on your skin.

Step 4: Eat almonds. Thanks to their Omega 3 fats, eating just a few during the day helps your skin stay smoother. Not a supporter of almonds? Try getting your Omega 3 fatty acids by eating fish.

Step 5: Reapply lotion in the p.m. Applying lotion one time a day doesn’t keep your skin from feeling dry. Start with a serum type lotion or oil. Then, slather on a lotion heavier moisturizing cream. Here’s why: The layering really helps lock in the moisture and your skin is better able to “accept” components at night when your cells are busy regenerating. That’s why they call it beauty sleep.