Short Curly Hairstyles

Short Curly Hairstyles are a hot trend precisely now particularly in Hollywood. It’s a merriment, sexy look that is very easy to do.  Want hair like the celebs?

Short Curly Hairstyles – Soft, Loose Curls

Soft, Loose Curls is an incredibly romantic look and it’s a great style to wear for a rendezvous. Here’s a very basic way to get soft curls:

1. Grab a thick curling iron and spray thermal heat protectant from root to end.

2. Take a lock of your hair and starting at the tip, wrap your hair around the iron.

3. Leave it there for some seconds then release.

4. Do again until entire head is full of curls. If curls look to perfect, use a texturizing spray and use your fingers to divide curls.

5. Grab your favorite hairspray to keep your curls intact and your done!

Rock cute, tight curls.  How-to:

1. Take a little section and spray a thermal hair protectant from root to ends (Don’t want to burn hair).

2.  Take your curling iron (1/2 ” curling iron is safe) and place two inches away from the root and wrap the ends all the way around and hold iron towards the head.

3. Leave it like that for a few seconds, then release. Another point- For more loose curls, just separate the curls and that’s it.