Britain’s beauty bookings mapped out

It appears there are some quite distinct beauty boundaries between the UK’s biggest cities. Wahanda, the world’s largest health and beauty marketplace and booking website, have been watching all 18 million of their customers and noticed patterns of pampering emerging between our major cities.

“Our ‘Salon Spy’ found that there were over 2.5 million city specific searches on Wahanda between April and July 2013 and, by identifying keyword searches, it revealed which treatments were trending and where,” said Lopo Champalimaud, CEO and founder of Wahanda. So what exactly are the regional treatment trends? Londoners are most concerned with their hair, so much so that the capital’s inhabitants will visit a hair salon five times more than the average person in Bristol.

Londoners also love a gel manicure more than any other city in the UK, with Manchester coming in a distant second. We suspect the new obsession has something to do with cashing in on time as a good, long-lasting gel manicure (which should meet the three-week mark) means an end to the weekly nail booking. When the time poor, stressed out lifestyles of those in the capital allow for it, it’s the holistic treatments that London-dwellers love. Those living in the big smoke are three times more likely to book in for a wellbeing treatment (therapy that soothes more than your skin and muscles like acupressure massage or reflexology) than those living in Birmingham. Brummies instead spend their beauty bucks on getting their lashes done (they book seven times more than their counterparts in London for lash tints, extensions and perming). And with their new lashes it’s off to the spa they go as the most likely group of women to book a beauty ‘break’ too. Glaswegians are in the pursuit of hirsute happiness as they are 17 times more likely to make a waxing appointment than those in Birmingham. Meanwhile in Manchester it’s all about having bronzed skin, as locals book in for twice as many tans than a Londoner. In Liverpool however, it’s all about having glowing skin as Liverpudlian women are five times more likely to book in for a facial than their Glaswegian counterparts, with the excellent firming and uplifting CACI facial being their favourite.