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To secure the faithfulness of its brand and uniqueness, Moncler is fighting up in the war against fraud. At present headquartered in Milan, the French company is also taking part in protecting ‘Made in Italy’ branded products. The Italian Fashion Chamber is joining Moncler and also stepping up against fraud, as it undermines the sincerity of the ‘Made in Italy’ label. In this situation Moncler strives for fighting the collateral damages set off by the invention of a black market, which hits tax customers, companies, and sets jobs at peril.

Moncler brand fighting against fraud is starting its actions with the internet and the amount of deceptive websites using the brand’s name without authorisation. The company advices against any e-commerce sites selling Moncler, as the only legitimate online outlet is, which is presently not offering an online store. Moncler’s legal depatment is taking actions and will take the necessary measures.

To defend the brand’s authenticity both off and online, Moncler introduced from its SS09 collection a Certilogo technique that imparts each individual item of clothing an identification code sewn into the label. By connecting with the product authentication service found at, anyone can verify the authenticity of the item of clothing and the collection it belongs to. The service is at present available in eight languages, and isnow also focussing on online pieces of clothing. E-sellers advertising items on websites can prove they are offering an authentic garment by using a specifically designed type of the authentication service.

Moncler’s legal department carries out thorough assessments in cooperation with the customs and police officials of different states. The sales of Moncler garments only takes place in the Maison’s boutiques and in a small number of hand-picked stores. The company Moncler was founded in Grenoble, France, in 1952 and in 2003 Remo Ruffini took over the company, who’s the recent President and Creative Director.