Nicole Kidman – ”less interested” in being fashionable

Nicole Kidman has become ”less interested” in being fashionable now she has a child and describes her style as ”simple”.

The Australian celebrity – who has two-year-old daughter Sunday Rose with country music star Keith Urban, as well as two adopted children, Bella, 18, and Connor, 15, with ex-husband Tom Cruise – was into style more when she was younger and considers having a child has made her fashion-sense more plain.

She explained: “Because I have a child now, I dress much simpler these days. When I was in my 20s the thing I loved was fashion. I loved to get really dressed up.”

“I think I’m less interested in fashion now and more interested in simple chic. I still think it’s important to have some sense of ‘not letting yourself go’ though. You’ve got to make an effort, even after you have a child and even after you’re married.”

The 43-year-old star thinks her primary importance in fashion came as a child when her mother would dress her up.

She told website Manchester Confidential: “When I was a little girl my mum would dress me up like a doll, put bows in my hair and take me to flea markets where she’d find beautiful things.”

“She was also a seamstress so she would make me a lot of clothes. That’s probably when I fell in love with clothes and the idea of dressing up.”

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